Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Decorating - Wreaths in Every Window

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One of the simplest and easiest ways to decorate for the Holidays is to hang a wreath in your window.During this time of the year it's rare to drive down the street and not see a house adorned in wreaths. Like this home from Southern Living, hanging wreaths on the outside is so easy - just a small nail and a wire or in this case a ribbon.
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But hanging a wreath INSIDE is my favorite way to bring fresh greenery indoors and not disturb my curtains.
(Skona Hem)
Here is another room with beautiful curtains. Notice how simple the wreaths in the living room are, but they really bring the feeling of the Holidays to the room.
You can change the ribbon and bow to match what ever decor you have, as seen above in this photo from Houzz.
(country living)
Of course when you have no curtains, (like I had at my house for FOUR years) wreaths can bring warmth and finishing to the room. During my no curtain years, I would put boxwood wreaths on all the windows in my Living Room and leave them up until May. By then they were quite brown, but I still loved how they warmed up my room.
(coastal living)
Look at this bedroom, which I adore by the way. Two simple wreaths and a tiny tree is all this room needs to feel like the Holidays. I prefer the simple decorations the best. The room is not hidden by the decorations it is enhanced by them.

They work equally well in the kitchen as shown in this picture above from Skona Hem. You could even use a Rosemary wreath and break off small pieces for cooking.

(Country Living)
You see any type of greenery can work - this wreath looks like cypress, but pine, fir, magnolia, boxwood and rosemary are all beautiful.
(tea room)
Of course in lieu of curtains you can also add roping. Sometimes sap and dirt are on fresh roping so having no curtains can actually be a benefit.

I included this photo from Atlanta Homes Magazine even though the wreath is not on a window to remind you that a mirror works equally well. Mirrors are really like adding small windows to a room, so the same principles apply.

(eva linh)
Finally, you can add a wreath anywhere to bring the Holidays inside, including this wonderful covered porch. All you need is small nail and ribbon.

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Off to keep decorating - Fa la la la la!!